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Operator’s Manual

An executive seeking time management tips gets deeper advice addressing the root of his problems with procrastination and ‘getting things done’

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The tension between CEOs and their boards is real, but it doesn’t have to be fatal

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There is only one way out of the conundrum of it

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It is about having the kind of character that allows others to trust in you

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Operator’s Manual

No one person can fix everything wrong with a company, so why do boards and investors continue to act like they can?

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Operator’s Manual

The opportunity for growth lies in facing down fear and doing the hard thing anyway

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Be honest. Be open. Be willing to face their anger.

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Operator’s Manual

A first-time CEO ignored an email challenging a key decision, only to see the call blow up in her face

A businesswoman smiles awkwardly and looks away as two of her colleagues are bothering her with questions at her desk.
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Operator’s Manual

Lessons in power, privilege, and potential from ghosts, ancestors, and paper cranes

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Jerry Colonna

CEO of coaching firm and the author of REBOOT: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up.

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