Revamped Jalan Dago and its problems.

The all new, fully furnished and decorated Jalan Dago. Have you noticed?

The new bench and seats, wider sidewalk for pedestrians, shiny new lamps, all screams out “hey look, i’m pretty now, come and visit me!”

It’s nice, of course, to see our beloved Mayor putting so much effort to make Bandung beautiful, and he indeed succeed because if you take a stroll around this city nowadays, it IS more beautiful than ever.

This is where it gets wrong.

Tonight, in need of fresh air, i decided to walk around the neighborhood (i live in the Dago area) to have some private time. Grabbing some hot coffee to warmth myself (it’s damn freezing out here, 14 degrees if my weather app is correct) from Circle K, i noticed something was off. Something that should be there, but it’s not.

There is no trash can anywhere.

Nowhere in line of sight. Thinking that maybe there are some along the way, i decided to walk around looking for one, and to no surprises, there was none. Instead, i found these.

People littering in the benches. In the sidewalks. There are plenty more of these but images above should give enough depiction of what happens.

I dont’t blame them, really. If there is no trash can in the vicinity, how are you gonna expect people act? Bring home their own garbage? I know that in developed countries, people are doing so, but still , this is unacceptable.

I myself got to walk from Circle K near Simpang Dago to the Gas station to find a trash can, and even that’s provided by the station. Not a public one. What a shame.

What were they thinking when they renovate the road?

It got me thinking : Is the Mayor aware of this? Or is it intentional? are we really that stupid to build things that didn’t really matter, as in cosmetics, and forgot the one that is necessary, like trash bins?

Sure, the benches are great, the sidewalks are awesome, but if it was littered everywhere with garbage, will it still be beautiful?

It makes me think further. Am i doing the same thing? Focusing on building outward appearances, trying to look good, buying things that are cosmetics, pretending everything is fine, but forgot to build the ones that matters most? The one that i can’t live without? How about developing my inner strength, my character and self-discipline? Have i got time for that?

What if we forget what matters and waste our resources on what’s not?

By the way, the so called “premium coffee” from CK sucks, bitter and burnt. Don’t even bother to try it.