Ceylon Cinnamon: The New Health Booster

True cinnamon is usually labeled as “Ceylon cinnamon” that comes principally from Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil and the Caribbean. Cassia, on the other way, is designated as “Chinese cinnamon” or “Saigon cinnamon” that comes principally from Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Japan, and Korea.

Are You Eating Real Cinnamon?

So let us start with a little education on what makes Cinnamon, especially Ceylon Cinnamon as an amazing natural supplement. There has been much confusion regarding the difference between different cinnamons which combats of blood sugar. There are two major kinds of cinnamon found in the markets all over the world as cassia cinnamon, commonly found in American and Canadian supermarkets and Ceylon cinnamon which is not nearly as common.

Ceylon cinnamon supplements are known to be as 100% pure Ceylon, but the difference is that the taste is too strong, and it is undeniable that it drowns out other flavors unless they matched well.

Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

There are many benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon supplements that are new in the zone of health.

Heart health

Ceylon cinnamon supplements are incredible for the heart health. It is very effective it helps in balanced regulation of blood sugar and keeps on levels. It has also been known to improve your sugar in blood enough that you may have to decrease the exercises that you do continuously.

Blood Sugar

A regular use of Ceylon cinnamon has a greater effect on blood sugar. It is recommended that if you start taking it for regulating blood sugar and wants to keep a very close eye on the significant levels, then it can result in positive results.

Insulin Resistance

One of the best reasons to use Ceylon cinnamon either in the form of supplements or powder is that it is very effective in aiding blood sugar regulation and helps the body become more receptive to the hormone insulin!


It has been recommended that taking a gram of Ceylon cinnamon powder a day lowers bad or extra cholesterol and raises the amount of good cholesterol by a significant amount.


The scientific studies have found that cinnamon helps in controlling blood and sugar levels incredibly. Diabetes is found commonly in every person. So, if they take 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon powder then it can easily reduce the fasting blood glucose levels by 18–29 percent, along with reduced triglycerides by 23–30 percent.


The compounds of Ceylon cinnamon supplement promises to be an anti-inflammatory agent that has a potential in treating dyspepsia, gastritis, and inflammatory diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease

The extracts of Ceylon cinnamon inhibit the formation of the proteins and filaments that can easily treat Alzheimer’s disease.

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