Treat your Skin Problems with Ceylon Cinnamon

Among the wide range of spices available in the market, Ceylon Cinnamon is the most popular and the oldest known spice for treating various skin problems. This spice had its roots in Sri Lanka where it was first found around thousands of years ago. The spice, since then is renowned for its various health benefits including skin benefits. Ceylon Cinnamon also known as real cinnamon is being used in various medicines around the globe for ages now. Besides, being used as condiment in a range of dishes, it is used as a source for treating various skin problems.

Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon for Skin

If you are done squandering money on costly cosmetics and skin treatments to get rid of obnoxious pimples on your face, it is time to resort to some grand-mom’s remedies. Considering multiple benefits of homemade remedies, more often than not people tired of unnatural remedies resort to natural remedies.

Cinnamon can be very beneficial for your skin. Just add a small portion of Cinnamon powder to lemon juice and you can have an effective acne solution. A mixture of honey and cinnamon is highly effective for treating acne and heal wounds in a natural way. It is also very effective in treating blackheads; again, a few drops of lemon mixed with pinch of Cinnamon powder will do the trick.

From Where to Buy Real Cinnamon

Although you will find cinnamon in your neighborhood store, mostly would be cassia cinnamon, as it is easily available at low price. Cassia has no health benefits, it just adds flavor to your food, instead look for Ceylon cinnamon. Consider buying Ceylon cinnamon from an online vendor. Numerous online vendors are offering Ceylon Cinnamon imported right from Ceylon. All you need to do is find a seller that is known to provide genuine cinnamon. Read customer reviews posted on the website of the seller, this will give you a fair idea about the product and services of that particular seller.

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