The Grammys, or A Night Ruined by Old Men in Suits
Corey Teich

WTF are you talking about? People are VERY butthurt that their particular taste, which isn’t representative of the general populous as proven by album sales and general success and broadband appeal, didn’t win. That’s just being a sore loser.

Almost all of the criticism recently of the Grammy process and results are pure confirmation bias and agenda driven drivel. What does race have to do with it? There are even greater examples of botched results as well as popularly contested ones that have not only been white artists but predominantly white genres (Heavy Metal?? In classic rock — Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd????)

As it stands, when rock and metal were popular, NARAS didn’t really “Get it” and legendary ICONIC albums that make both 25 and Lemonade seem like nothing such as Led Zeppelin IV, Physical Graffiti, Dark Side of The Moon, etc. weren’t even nominated!!!! And now that rock and metal are not mainstream, they totally don’t understand it either. Like, at all.

Sooo you wanna say their whole process doesn’t always get it right and could use some improvement — cool. Make an educated argument, not this you have here (and not just you — but all these culture writers and journalists) that is based on hysteria, politics, and confirmation bias.

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