Quick rant on ‘cloud’ providers, AWS, VMs: For most startups, AWS is cost-prohibitive in terms of pricing, performance, and knowledge overhead. It’s much easier to stand up a dedicated server, and grow with faster CPUs, more RAM, than to re-code your app to scale prematurely. VMs are great: If you know your constraints on performance… But once you start to get too big a VM; you might as well get a faster, more powerful, and dedicated server, where you do not share resources.
Choosing a Dedicated Hosting Provider
Mike Schroll

Thanks. Was curious your thoughts on this. Before aws (et al) I ran dedicated servers for years and never thought anything of it. The biggest advantage for me is the “fully-managed” aspect though to what degree that happens is the trust you relinquish to the cloud provider it’s a piece of the pie I don’t want to mess with at times. I have an idea that is coming back over and over and the current infrastructure architecture I’d like to play with is a hybrid dedicated and cloud. Also I hate the pricing options with cloud I feel dedicated (with shopping around) you get far better choices!

Great insights.

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