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Everyone with any interest in geopolitics knows McCain has been an outspoken advocate of war in any circumstance & was constantly pushing Obama to send the U.S. Army into the U.S. created civil war in Syria, & also for more U.S. troops to Iraq & Afghanistan, against Moslems. McCain is no lover of Moslems, he only strikes that pose to stir up anger against Trump, who is trying to bring peace to Europe, (a thought that scares McCain to apoplexy), should Trump be able to bring peace about. McCain is no expert on morality, when captured in N. Vietnam, he was flying a very “IMMORAL BOMBING OF CIVILIANS MISSION”, (yes some milatary targets were being hit), against a people that had not attacked the U.S., until the U.S. invaded their homeland, his sense of morality is completely warped. Trump’s SOS Tillerson made a speech that clearly set the guidelines of the Trump administration, to bring peace to Europe through diplomacy, negotiations, & agreements with Russia, which cannot be achieved through threatening statements & activities, (including sending troops & armaments to Russia’s borders). McCain has only succeeded in “muddying the waters” in Europe’s search for a lasting peace, you do not achieve peace through war, something that McCain has never learned.