For Everything . . . Jesus!

For Everything Jesus, and Jesus for everything. He is the reason that we preach, worship, and sing. He is our hope, joy and song; our strength when the day is long. While the world turns to religion, sex, and pills, trying to find the next thrill; all the while hoping for happiness, peace, or joy. But joy can’t be found in a boy or girl, religion, or success. With people but still lonely we look to things. We try phones, cars, boats, shoes, and rings, hoping that somehow our things will replace a King. Unsatisfied, we turn to a person, a celebrity. We look to sports stars, musicians, and reality TV, forgetting that they are actors playing a chess game where the pawns are you and me. Now alone and forsaken we turn to friends, hoping this is where the vicious cycle ends. Hoping against hope to find answers, peace and love, forgetting that no one and no thing will ever be better than the King of Kings! He is greater than Mohammed, Allah, and ISIS, or any other religious creeds, acts or devices. There is no prayer you could say, no deed you could ever do that is better than what He has already done for you. See, church isn’t a place we go, it’s a thing we do. So how can we help but to mention this person and place, where we found hope, mercy, and grace. How can we stop singing with a smile on our face? If you drained all the oceans dry, and empty all the rain out of the sky, turn all that water to ink, and give every man a pen, you couldn’t even begin to write enough words to describe Him! Nor could all the galaxies combined contain all the power that is held in just the mention of His name. He is the answer to every question ever asked, and the destination to all of life’s paths. He is the same yesterday, today and in each season. He alone makes this life have rhythm and reason. He is the friend that is closer than a brother, and the one who loves you like no other. He doesn’t ask you to die for Him, instead he offers to let you cry to Him. He doesn’t make you give to him, but gives you a chance to live through Him. He gives you a vision, a life, and a voice. He is the only God who allows us free choice. I don’t think I am really that brave, but if I have to I’ll shout from my conquered grave. Like a candle in the night, I want to stand in the dark, and shout with all my might, until my praise starts a fire, and all nature sings like a choir, and every voice on earth is raised, in a single earth shattering moment of praise. In that moment Heaven and earth bow down, and all of humanity is kneeling on the ground, shouting with all their might, to the King who created day out of night, to the One who set every captive free, to the One who is life for you and me, to the One who stares death in the face, to the One who has all our sins erased, and is now seated in His rightful place. Until all of creation sings praise to this one King, and Heaven is filled with the praise as it rings. For everything Jesus, and Jesus for everything.

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