Love Ever After — A Channeled Conversation with the Afterlife


On April 6th 2007, my beloved wife, Joy, succumbed to breast cancer. It’s ten years since her “graduation” as she called it. Joy was a spiritual teacher and I can think of no better way to honor her memory than by sharing some of the wisdom contained in her extraordinary memoir, Love Ever After— the channeled conversations she had with the spirit of her previous husband after he died. ~ I. J. Weinstock

Love After Ever

It all began with a murder!…

In 1983, Bob Lisker suffered a tragedy of biblical proportions. His wife, Dorka, had been brutally murdered in their Los Angeles home and his teenage son, Bruce (as seen on 48 Hours), despite pleas of innocence, was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison.

Tormented by his losses, this conservative attorney, former Marine and pillar of the community attempted to contact the spirit of his dead wife to find out who killed her. This set the stage for the extraordinary Afterlife communications Joy, his 2nd wife, received after he died.

According to Joy, Bob Lisker was the least likely candidate to be a “spirit guide.” Yet, from the moment he left his body, he began communicating with her—giving her a guided tour of the Afterlife, advising her how to heal her grief and ultimately helping her find a new love and life partner.

From Love Ever After —

It’s ironic that during our life together, I was the one who introduced Bob to metaphysics and various spiritual concepts and now he’s become my teacher, mentor and guide. He encouraged me to write our love story for two reasons: to let people know that relationships can and do continue after we leave our bodies, and to share the wisdom he’s given me as I struggled to make a new life for myself.

Bob and I were an unlikely pair, to say the least. After being friends and confidants for 25 years, marriage was the furthest thing from our minds, mainly because we were opposites in almost every way. I was passionate about ballroom dancing — Bob had two left feet. I loved music — Bob couldn’t carry a tune. I could play bridge all night — Bob was the poker type. And while I was born to shop — Bob would rather have had a root canal.

Bob was a conservative attorney, ex-marine and Kiwanis president. He loved betting on the horses, reading mystery novels, playing blackjack in Vegas, and collecting rare stamps. The man dressed in three-piece suits, for heaven’s sake, and never owned a pair of jeans until we got married.

I, on the other hand, am an unconventional free spirit. As a professional astrologer, I often shock people with my radical ideas. Most of my friends see me as a cross between Doris Day and June Allyson, partly because I’m slender, blue-eyed, and blonde (with a little assistance), and partly because I’m usually happy and smile a lot. However, this innocent facade can be deceiving. On the inside, I’m as outrageous as Madonna and as radical as Shirley MacLaine. I’m fascinated with ideas that I call “progressive” and most people call “preposterous.”

Although Bob left his body on July 24, 1995, his spirit is as much alive today as when he was here. The day he passed over, an entirely new kind of communication began between us — one which entirely changed my life and some of my beliefs about death.

After talking with Bob for a few weeks, I began feeling the urge to pick up a pen. The minute I did, the words came spilling into my mind faster than I could write them down.

And now, dear reader, I hope you will be as fascinated and inspired by my conversations with Bob as I have been. I am honored and delighted to share his wisdom with you.

What About God?

September 7, 1995

Well, to start with I’d like to hear what you have to say about God. Is there actually a God as most people visualize him?

If you mean some old man with a beard sitting up in the clouds judging everyone and striking you dead, no, there’s no such thing. And you really can’t say “him” or “her” because neither pronoun applies. Abstract principles can be difficult to conceptualize, so we often personalize these ideas to make them more vivid and understandable.

God is probably the best example of this. The Universal Consciousness is usually depicted as a father figure, sitting up in the sky somewhere dispensing rewards and punishments. The reason for this is that human beings can easily relate to this image, because it was designed to emulate the behavior of their human fathers.

I can see how this could be a simple way to teach children about the universe since they already have a basis for understanding. But it seems like a lot of people never get beyond the image of a larger than life being they call God. So tell me, exactly what or who is God?

God is simply a term used to signify the consciousness or life force of the entire Universe. God is not separate from you. You are God just as much as a drop of water from the ocean is the ocean, even though it’s not the whole ocean. There is no God person “out there.”

God is the total energy of all the elements — fire, water, earth and air — and so much more. If you can visualize God as a torch, then we are all sparks from that central eternal fire. You use the word “God” for a concept that is so all-encompassing your individual minds can’t really conceive of it. It’s like a hologram, where the whole is incorporated in the parts. I often use the word “Universe,” which gets away from the concept of a person or human being.

I am part of that central energy force now, yet I also express myself as an individual spark. I am free to do, think, feel and learn as much as I can absorb. I proceed at my own pace and my interests and desires lead me to expand further, just as you do in your reality.

Are you aware of what goes on in my reality?

I am acutely aware of many things — ideas, feelings, beauty, love, learning, other spirits, but most of all, life in all its forms. I’m more aware of all this than you because, whereas you are individualized or separated, I am conscious that I’m part of the whole. I can choose the state of oneness or individuality. This is called the “duality.”

Another difference between us is that I’m more aware of my choices and my own power. You have the same inner power as I, within the parameters of your physicality, but the illusions imposed by your five senses tend to limit you.

What do you mean by illusions?

Although your physical senses are valuable in helping you enjoy your earthly experiences, they often create a smokescreen. For example, they present the illusion that you humans are all separate from each other, that physical death ends the life of the soul, and that time as you know it actually exists. Many other beliefs you consider to be the truth are also illusions.

Is it true that we all come back again into other lives and bodies?

Yes, but your spirit or soul remains here in this reality, accumulating all the love and knowledge from the various lives you are experiencing. And incidentally, we all live many lives at once, since time is merely an illusion.

My spirit sends out sparks of itself to experience physical lives in order to grow and progress. At the same time, my spirit itself is a spark from the Universal Consciousness, which then grows and expands as a result of my life experiences.

The best way to understand this concept is to visualize a human form with a dozen hula hoops spinning on each arm and each leg and around the torso. Now imagine that all these hoops are physical lives and that you’re living all of them at the same time. Have you got that?

I think so.

Now if each of these hoops represents an individual life, time appears to move in a linear fashion as the hoop rotates. However, if you look at the whole picture from the perspective of the central figure, the way you see linear time is an illusion. Time actually moves in a spiral pattern, which is difficult for you to perceive from where you are. But remember, nothing in the universe is static.

Well, I can definitely picture the hula hoops. Thanks. That helps a lot.

After each life is completed, the only things that can be salvaged from the experience are love and knowledge. And that includes everything you love, not just people. This is all that goes into the “bank” to help the spirit grow. Nothing else has much value in the final analysis.

Reading over my notes, I was amused to hear Bob say that time as we know it doesn’t really exist. I mean, here was a guy who not only insisted on punctuality, but allowed so much time for traffic jams that we were invariably early for everything, including dinner parties. I felt so sorry for all those flustered hostesses who practically tore their hair out when we’d arrive while they were still dressing!

The Eternal Circle of Birth and Death

September 14, 1995

Bob, is there some way you could tell me what it’s really like where you are?

I wish I knew how. You have no idea how glorious it is. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would ever want to leave. There’s so much love here. In fact, that’s all there is. Of course, that’s all there is where you are, too — everything else is added by humans. However, the desire for knowledge, growth and experience — even adventure and danger — is very powerful and motivates most souls to take on physical lives. Experience is highly regarded here, especially the kind you get in a physical body, such as smelling a rose, touching a kitten, tasting a mango or feeling an orgasm. Experience is the reason we long to come to earth…to put our knowledge to the test in various ways. And all physical lives are valuable, no matter how long or short or obscure. There’s always much to learn.

Well, if it’s so glorious there, why is everyone so afraid of death?

Because human beings think “death” is the end, whereas it’s actually a new beginning. Death is simply the process of moving into another reality. That’s all I did.

Most people don’t realize how much similarity there is between birth and death. In both cases, the soul goes through a tunnel into the next dimension or reality.

Those who have had near-death experiences almost always mention traveling through a tunnel toward the light, but the baby’s tunnel is the birth canal as it moves toward the light in the process of being born. Actually, the baby thinks it’s dying. Not only is it entering a completely new reality, but birth can be as physically painful for the baby as it is for the mother. Also, when the baby is suddenly cut loose from its mother, its source of life, and is forced to breathe on its own, it can be terrifying.

As far as physical space is concerned, however, you’ll notice that the baby doesn’t move more than a few inches in the process of dying to the old reality and being born into a new one. Yet suddenly it’s in a whole new world with a brand new set of rules. By the same token, death doesn’t really take you away either. You simply exist in another reality in pretty much the same “space.”

But isn’t the baby being released from a terribly confining space when it’s born into our world? Isn’t it much better off in our physical reality than in that tiny, constricting womb?

That’s exactly how we feel here when you die! When you are finally allowed to leave the confines of your tiny, constricting bodies, we feel you are being set free in your spiritual home. I certainly felt a lot freer.

When you leave your body through death and move to another dimension, we feel it is infinitely more “real” than your physical world. But that’s as hard for you to understand where you are now as it is for the baby in the womb.

First of all, the baby has no more conception of his mother than you have of God. To the baby, his mother is God, but he doesn’t know he’s actually part of her any more than you realize you’re part of God. The baby hasn’t “seen” his mother and you haven’t “seen” God, yet something deep within tells both of you that there is something bigger than yourselves. However, you can’t actually comprehend this concept until you leave your physical dimension, just like the baby.

September 26, 1995

I’ve been thinking a lot about what you referred to as the “Oneness,” but the concept isn’t easy to understand when that’s not what I actually see. I mean, from my perspective it looks like we’re all separate beings with separate lives. Can you explain this to me in a way that will make it clearer?

Well, the astronaut Edgar Mitchell gave us a good example of this concept when he described his perspective of the earth from Apollo 14. He said that if you could pull back far enough — as he did — you would see the earth as one solid being, because at that distance you can’t see all the small pieces or the details. Try looking at a tree from an airplane and you’ll see that from that height, the tree looks solid, too, even though you know there are thousands of leaves that are constantly moving.

The same theory holds true for the universe. If it were possible to pull back far enough, you would be able to view it as one huge “being” united by an energy or life force that flows through everything.

Your physical separateness is actually an illusion. We are all tiny little pinpoints of consciousness — all valuable and necessary to the whole, like the most minute parts of your body are all necessary to the whole organism. And just as the leaves of the tree look separate, yet are all part of the tree, you are all part of the oneness called God or All That Is.

You know, I’ve actually thought about that when I look at the tree outside my kitchen window.

Nature is one of your best teachers. In this case, it can help you understand how human beings are connected. Each tree and plant appears to stand alone, yet their root systems are interconnected to the universal root system of all plant life on earth.

Basically, everything is nourished by the same soil. And when that soil is polluted by toxic material at any point on the globe, all the plant life on earth is affected to some degree. The same is true of the fish kingdom, whose basic element is water. When there is an oil spill, it affects the entire ocean and all its inhabitants.

Okay, but how are we connected?

You can see how plants share the nourishment of the earth, but your own roots are not so obvious because human beings are connected through the life force in the air. The air is your basic element. Although you can survive for days without food and water, you can’t live for more than a few minutes without air.

You’re not aware of this connection because it’s invisible to you, but you all sense it deep down inside. And eventually, when your senses become more finely tuned, you’ll actually be able to see this energy or life force.

Just as fish and plant life can be threatened by the pollution of water and earth, human beings are affected by air pollution. And this pollution is not only on a physical level. It extends much further than your physical eyes can detect, because it includes everything that is sent out into the atmosphere on a daily basis by each human being.

Every thought, word, feeling, and action you generate goes out like ripples in a lake and affects the whole world. Therefore, when you send out love and joy in any form, you actually help make the world a happier, healthier place. You become healers. And when your words of encouragement help lift someone out of a depression or an angry mood, you’re actually helping yourself as well as everyone else, because you’re clearing out the pollution.

So does that mean when we’re feeling angry and hateful, we’re polluting everyone else’s life along with our own?

That’s correct. The whole world is the recipient of your negativity. Spewing out anger and hatred is like dumping toxic waste into the atmosphere. If you really understood your connection to the Universal Consciousness, you would have to share in the responsibility for everything that occurs on your planet.

By choosing to take action to change things, you are adding your power to those with similar beliefs. Uniting in this way is highly effective in promoting change.

That’s pretty wild! So you’re saying that everything I say and do affects the whole world?

That’s exactly what I’m saying. Whatever you do, say, think or feel toward one person not only affects everyone in your own life but, to one degree or another, the entire universe.

I hadn’t realized how much my thoughts, words, actions and even my state of mind affected the whole world. That really made me stop and think. As I reviewed what Bob had said, it looked like the good news is that our life is our own creation, and the bad news is that there’s no one else to blame.


Love After Ever

Love After Ever is available on Amazon where you can learn more about:

* How spirits live and learn on the Other Side 
* How the soul chooses its lessons 
* How to contact your loved ones on the Other Side 
* How to recognize your life path 
* How to attract money 
* And Bob’s 12-step program to realize your dreams (which Joy used to find new love—me!)

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