Whether you’re working on dark mode or simply have inverted-color surfaces in your design, there’s a good chance you have some photography in use: portraits, avatars, background images.

Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines covers dark more, and recommend “making sure full-color images look good” by “modifying the asset or create separate light and dark assets” when needed.

Apple is making this recommendation with mostly drawings and icons in mind, but let’s look at a different use case. Photography. There’s a good chance you’re showing profile pictures in your app or web site, but I think the same .

If you’re displaying…

InVision is a great prototyping web app for creating screen-based prototypes super fast. You’re probably familiar with it, even if you haven’t tried out their most awesome features such as Inspect or synced your screens directly from Sketch with their Craft plugin.

I‘m quite ok with the inherent limitations of InVision’s screen-based system — it forces me to concentrate on high-level flows and helps me not get lost on the finer details until I’m further in my design process.

Completely screen-based prototyping makes it hard to bring in some commonly used components though. …

I’ve worked with user stories a lot, written some but consumed much more as a product designer in agile teams. I think good user stories describe the needs of our end-users and the desired impact of the features we’re delivering to them.

User stories are very easy to write in a way that doesn’t really capture the motivations behind the work we put into our products. A product backlog should not be a todo list, and a story is not a task — yet that’s exactly what many people see when they open JIRA.

To put it shortly, what you…

Messing with Vue.js, Electron, simulator game design and weird IPs

I wanted to share an update on one of my pet projects, because — let’s face it — I’ll never finish or publish it. I like learning and experimenting with different technologies, and I’ve been trying out various approaches to building a pipeline for cross-platform web app development.

What’s going on here?

The stack

As you can see, in the video I’m clicking on a .app file that promptly opens the app I just built. But I’m just a web dev nerd, I would never touch Mac app development! What’s up?


I work in a sizeable software company — one that’s sizeable after a fast growth sprint. Our headcount has gone from 0 to 180 in under four years. Product development practices need to scale in parallel, and we’re making a big push towards adopting agile practices.

Now, I’ve worked with agile customer projects and internal agile teams for a large portion of my work history, and I share my experiences and perspective as a designer quite often to the people and teams I work with. …

I’ve never quite understood why this isn’t shipped with Mac. Spotlight is amazing but Apple is not building on it.

The least they could do, though, is add music controls. People listen to music every day, all the time — hell, Macs even ship with hardware keys for controlling the music!

iOS shows the currently playing media and music controls in the control center, in a way Spotlight is the rough equivalent on desktop. Or could be.

Here’s a quick animation draft, Spotlight needs to appear super fast but adding a simple transition wouldn’t hurt.

I might play around with it some more in Principle or build a web proto on a lazy Sunday, although anyone probably gets the idea from a screenshot (and there’s a wealth of Spotlight alternatives out there).

Jerry Jäppinen

Users pay your bills–pay attention to them! Love philosophy, games, code and design. Creating industrial-grade products at Lateral Nord. https://lateralnord.com

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