Dr. Jerry Johnston: An Inspiring Christian Coach Excavating All About Apologia

Jerry Johnston
Jul 6, 2016 · 5 min read

Why the Christian pastors are giving up? Why are the Families falling apart? Why Marriages cannot endure ministry?

As per the latest stats, ministry vocation is one of the high risks sensitively, mentally, spiritually, physically and even maritally. Who ministers to the minister? Who encourages the encouragers? How can somebody efficiently teach biblical facts if they are struggling? With whom you can relate? With whom you will speak to? We have four esteemed ministry veterans namely- Dr. Jerry Johnston, Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston, Annette Bailey and Dr. Sam Bailey who are always ready to listen and take care of their parishioners!

Christian pastors, associate pastors, lay ministry leaders, small group and Sunday school teachers and each believer in the church have been provided the crucial assignment to elucidate to the lost and new believers the insightful Christian truths of the belief. Apologia is a ministry which was founded by Dr. Sam Bailey and Annette Bailey and Dr. Jerry Johnston and Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston realize that it is necessary to the success of the mission, and the priority in each Apologia conference or the staff coaching session, are two primary factors: worship, prayer and renewal with a special focus on Jesus; and kind-hearted & highly experienced ministers speaking candidly with the sole idea to motivate pastors and leaders in the church and provoke their prolonged existence, efficiency and happiness.

Take a look at the Sam Bailey’s book named “Saving Your Pastor from Spiritual Disaster” a must-read for every member of congregation of our church:

Dr. Sam Bailey, Annette Bailey, Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston and Dr. Jerry Johnston are not doctrinaires when it comes to the ministry. Both the couples have been successful church planters and commercial leaders. Why you require enduring the difficulties when you could learn the right approach and answers to budge your ministry forward irrespective of the challenges?

Jerry Johnston
Dr.Jerry Johnston
Dr Jerry Johnston
jerry johnston
dr.jerry johnston
dr jerry johnston

Apologia delivers the leaders and ministry veterans that have shared responsibility with each other for more than three decades. Our team jointly represents more than 120 years of broad ministry experience! Most significant thing is that Dr. Jerry Johnston, Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston, Annette Bailey and Dr. Sam Bailey, coach leaders have the required kindness and ability to assist Christian leaders triumph over the trials, enticements and problems inexorably encountered every day.

The team Apologia is exclusively equipped to assist leaders trounce the hurdles and uncover new strategies of personal and ministry efficiency for Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Jerry Johnston, Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston, Annette Bailey and Dr. Sam Bailey wish to work with the evangelical denominations, Para church ministries and local church staff leaders to work as the pastor or lay leader confidants, mentors, coaches, preachers and friends. Since we have been always there!

Watch Here This Incredibly Inspiring Video On Eight Dynamic Ways to Increase your Faith by Dr. Jerry Johnston.

This video of Dr. Jerry Johnston is based on one of the most motivating passages in Scripture on the spiritual battle wherein each true believer of Lord Jesus Christ is engaged. The Apostle Paul comprehended the six essential pieces of spiritual armor essential for a true believer in Lord Jesus Christ to breathe a successful Christian life and it will need five messages to exegete Ephesians 6:10–18 in our new series entitled, “Spiritual Armor: Confidence to Live Life Successfully.” Find out God’s plan to guard and look after the believer as we circumspectly scrutinize the six pieces of spiritual armor so essential for each believer in Lord Jesus Christ to understand.

As per the Fuller Seminary and The Alban Institute, the total number of American clergy which are leaving the ministry is surprising — as many as 1,500 every month! Moral breakdown amongst the pastors is now at an all-time high with 6 to 9 pastors that commit disloyalty or get involved in sexual misconduct each hour and 165 to 205 pastors daily. In every 6 to 10 minutes a pastor cascade morally in the United States. These calamitous facts and figures do not comprise the associate staff ministers that are being terminated, for a massive array of reasons; at a rate double that of the senior pastors.

One out of every 2 pastors in full-time professional ministry quits in the first five years of their service and the average span of a minister that serves in the role of “church pastor” is just about 3.8 years. G.L. Rediger documents, “A pastor is fired or forced out every six minutes in the United States.”

Dr. Jerry Johnston, Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston, Annette Bailey and Dr. Sam Bailey’s profound ministry, Apologia is the name you could trust and rely on in the most effective pastoral care and support. Apologia conferences and ministry are certainly going to make the difference in your life, ministry and most precious asset you have– your family. Through identifying the power of media on our culture, Apologia has now being circulating several creditable media projects tailored for millions of North Americans and countries globally. At the soul of our combined contribution is a powerful call to fortify the local church; pastors and lay leaders through assisting them identify that they do not require struggling and facing challenges in silence any longer. Apologia is caring, kind-hearted and redemptive, for each pastor and leader that requires a listening ear and a compassionate heart.

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