School Isn’t Uber And Never Should Be
Shanna Peeples

While I appreciate what you are trying to do — you skipped what’s caused much of the backlash.

The real issue is failing schools, that cost more. They cost more because of huge increases in benefits to school employees, huge increases in utility and insurance costs. At the same time, the parents see teachers working many of the same hours, but with 4 months of annual vacation and better benefits than private corporate workers.

And none of these increased expenses go to helping students one iota. But those costs are up 300% over the last 20 years. This is why things are far worse “than when I was a kid”.

Sure teachers unions don’t help, keeping around old, disinterested (more expensive) teachers doesn’t help — but those aren’t the main issues.
And here’s the dirty little secret about Charter schools — the only reason they’re “better” is because they have new, young teachers who are cheap, and new infrastructure that costs less. BUT . . . that’s going to change after a decade !! Those cute, fun teachers are now in their 30’s and want kids of their own, so they need to get paid more, and need better benefits, and better housing, etc. And then the rubber will meet the road.

There is no easy solution here — sorry — and it requires everyone to look in the mirror and make some changes:
 — fewer out of wedlock births, so parents pay attention (and yes that was something that did NOT exist 60 years ago in any real way)
- get rid of teachers that don’t cut the mustard.
- expect more form students and their parents
 — refocus the coursework — fewer subjects. Let them do interesting stuff in college.

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