Studying Productivity Kills My Productivity

After reading countless books on Productivity, which seems to kill my productivity more than it helps, I think I’m making progress.

I have friends that follow the same routine every day. Don’t break the flow, or they may fly off into infinity to never been seen or heard again. They have mastered the Habits=Routine equation. I, on the other hand, finds it quite easy to be distracted by mail, a Facebook message or text message that can and does sidetrack my entire day,

Now, I know you are just supposed to check mail a few set times a day, but in my particular situation, that just won’t work. I’ve essentially become a virtual assistant for several folks in Memphis, Toronto, Mumbai, Moscow, and Opelika, not to mention a check in from anywhere in the world wanting more information about our software. So, I try to treat all request, no matter what status on the corporate ladder the same, with a quick return email of acknowledgment.

Recently, I started using an app on the iPhone to help me build a routine. You know, if you do something every day as a Habit, it becomes Routine. I’ll rate it about an 8 out of 10 for now, as certain items (with a helpful reminder from the app) become routine. It took me a few days to realize that I can’t start ten new habits each day, so as I perfect one, I’ll add another to the five or so I work with on a regular basis. Oh, and before I forget, it’s called “” You can even order up professional help if working alone isn’t doing it for you. The Routine is just part of the equation. I’m beginning to fit certain task into different routines. I use another app for that, but I like it so much, it deserved more than a quick mention, so I’ll address it later.

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