What is the Lasting Connection Between House Hunting and Staged Houses?

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You have one chance to make a first impression and in todays fast paced world that first impression is made in the first 5 seconds. Studies have shown that advertising and marketing successes are based on the fundamental appeal of fulfilling a need or desire.

Sometimes the goals relate to lifestyle.

The vacation home lifestyle is all about recharging your batteries. Homes with open floor plans are appealing because everyone can engage and interact with each other. Staging tells a visual story. It lets the buyers imagination to run wild and imagine themselves in the space. Chip and dip platters set out on the table or pitchers, with a cool cutting board and bowl of citrus on the kitchen counter tells a story of entertaining. Colors, textures, artwork and furnishing styles help present the lifestyle as the house hunters explore.

The 55+ house hunter is looking for simplicity and easy maintenance. Pull out baskets with supplies in the laundry area highlights the organized simplicity of boring tasks. Organized storage from the garage to the bathrooms are appreciated and in demand as the consumer in this segment of the market wants to spend their time doing activities and not domestic chores.

House hunting is all about the desire to find a home with the location, features, and personality that feels right. If they can see themselves spending time in that space, making bonding memories and shared experience, home staging can allow the home to tell that story and is an effective tool in marketing. Take a moment to watch the video and see how these elements are used effectively in my local market on the North Fork of Long Island.

Fun story showing relevant tips on home staging on the North Fork Long Island

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