Curiosity is one of the best advantages
Genesis Alt(i)more

Hello fellow ENFP! Wow, being 13, you sure are thinking a lot about these things, way earlier than I did. Continue writing, learning, growing, I’m sure you will be an even better writer in the future! There are still many things for you to go through, for you to experience. I, being 19, am still learning and discovering all these things you questioned, it’s good that you picked up all these at such a young age, but here’s a tip — be as open-minded as you can when you question, understand that people have their own experiences and opinions. They might be “late-bloomers”, realizing whatever you did only when they become much older, if ever at all. But be patient — as an ENFP, inspire and share your ideas and revelations

Maybe because you are an ENFP, that’s why I see a lot of myself in your writing, continue to do so! Cheers!

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