You Design Your Reality, Not Your Job
Christopher D. Connors

Hey Chris, love your stuff because you are so unlike the other more prominent writers here that write formulaic clickbaits for the recommends. Please keep it up and you will be guaranteed a loyal readership.

It’s nice to read this piece from you because, as a young person like so many others who read this as well, we can learn so much from your experiences through your anecdotes.

Recently I have started working and I had such a culture shock. Is this what the world really is like? It is like discovering the dirtiest secret that everyone else knew except me. When I look around me I just question what human beings are actually doing with our gifts. We can achieve so much and yet we work like robots — seemingly devoid of consciousness even though I know everyone is as complex as I am.

About the part on college, I’ll be entering one soon (just got out of the military in my country), studying something I like, although many people don’t know what I can do upon graduation. Many of my friends do accountancy, business, engineering — those that get them jobs. But I just want to learn, I want to discover, I want to learn more about human beings. Is college just about getting a job?

Life is hard, Chris, and I do hope I have the strength to push on, and find the answers to the questions I want answered.

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