Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Writers
Aaron Charles

Thank you, thank you for this piece. I’ve read your manifesto, then this, and I have to say I know what you are talkimg about.

I published my very first article almost a year ago, in June 2015, and it was about comparison. I had really strong emotions then, and reading Medium has a big part to play in getting me started to write. And I’m glad I have been continuing to write ever since.

But slowly, you really start to lose yourself. We are only humans, greed and envy are our sins, I found myself pretty obsessed with stats sometimes, and your article really gave me a good knock on my head.

Why the fuck am I comparing myself to Jon Westenberg or Jeff Goins or even you? I barely wrote for a year with less than 20 articles and I’m already thinking about becoming wildly successful. I should remember the very reason I started. Blame it on my 20 year old brain.

I should be appreciative — of the first publication that believed in me (Coffeelicious!), the massive response I got for my first article, for all the great comments people shared with me.

I am really happy. So thank you for showing me.