How To Alter Download Path in SnapTube?

SnapTube is an amazing tool that has several sections and categories to help you browse to several sites. With the help of this app one can easily and quickly download dozens of videos from various online video streaming sites. When you download a video by default it is initially saved in internal memory of your smartphone. SnapTube creates a folder and subfolder for video where all your videos initially after downloading resides. This path is like Device Storage > SnapTube > Video. However, if download videos too often then your device memory can run out of space which result in slow speed.

In that case it would be better to change the storage location of videos to external device. So, you need to change location to other folder where all the downloaded videos will reside after download. With the help of SnapTube app’s download manager you can do this very easily. Just you need to follow a few simple steps below to do this. So, read the steps below and do accordingly as mentioned in the steps:

  • First, launch SnapTube App.
  • Look for the gear like icon that you can find at the top right and then tap on it. Once you do this you’ll enter the app’s settings.
  • Now from the settings tap on the ‘Download Path’ option for changing download storage location.
  • After this choose MicroSD option to set it as default storage location.
  • Though, the app creates its own folder however, you can create your own folder and subfolder also.
  • Now just open the folder which you want to set as download location.
  • Tap ‘Select this folder’ to save setting. Using ‘Create new folder’ you create your own folders.
  • Now when confirmation window appears then choose ‘Select’.
  • That’s it the downloads will now reside in new location.