Etutorworld Review | 20% Discount Code

As a brother of a high school sister, I am very worried about her future profession and career. Her performance in elementary school was rather good, but when she started learning exact sciences, some problems occurred. Unfortunately, I could not help her with Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Then I realized that my daughter needed help. I googled the web and came across Etutorworld. They offered assistance with homework and promised to explain the concept of subjects in a whole. Another advantage that drew my attention was their flexible pricing policy and professional tutors on board.



Etutorworld tutors are very attentive and courteous. They know exactly what you need and how to achieve above-average results. My sister showed first improvements in grades after a week of online tutoring. They provide step-by-step study plans and revise the learned material to make sure the student has studied the lesson. They start from the basic knowledge to fill the gaps in knowledge and help understand the main concepts.

Etutorworld offers tutoring for all grade levels and subject tutoring that includes:

  • STEM tutoring
  • Math tutoring
  • Science tutoring
  • English tutoring.

Besides, they have summer tutoring that involves all the subjects listed above.

A student can also sign up for test preparing. The company can render test prep services for the following tests and exams prep help:

  • AP exam help
  • SCAT prep help
  • SAT prep help
  • ISEE prep help
  • ACT prep help

Etutorworld experts are more than tutors they are also mentors who can help you get in-depth knowledge on most of the subjects. They apply a personalized approach to every student and design compelling teaching methodology that helps improve students’ scores.



The company offers a customized learning plan at reasonable prices that a customer can buy right away or use a free trial. Etutorworld offers various discounts and coupons to apply for their services. There are a lot of free options that a student can use free of charge as:

  • a free session
  • free worksheets

Anyone can register on the site. It can be a student or parent to use a free trial. No credit card information is required. You can buy either online tutoring that includes tutoring for all grade levels and test prep or worksheets and practice tests choosing a plan that fits your needs and matches your budget. Grade tutoring starts at $20 per a session. A new student can enjoy a special offer of $74–84 per 5 sessions a month. The price depends on the grade of the student. Test prep starts at $24 per session including test prep SCAT, SSAT, SAT, AP with a new student special that is the same as on the grade tutoring plan. SCAT and SSAT test package prices start at $49. You can choose any length learning plan including:

  • one full length test
  • full length test combo
  • basic pack
  • intensive pack

Etutorworld guarantees money back if a student is not satisfied with the session and the tutor. For this reason, online tutoring sessions are recorded for possible revision. You can cancel your sessions and get a refund for unused lessons.


Contact form

The company provides 24/7 support to answer all your questions and stay updated with new discounts and offers. They are available via phone, email and live chat. You can chat with the company’s representatives and ask any question you may have. They will instantly answer you and connect you with tutors if needed. They can solve refund issues and other concerns like the quality of the services rendered and registration. The website’s support managers are very polite and patient, they will call you back or contact you via email. The support team will assist you with more information according to your tutoring needs and will help you to set a free trial session. I always contact live chat and find out all the nuances of the services provided.

Website usability

Etutorworld is a user-friendly website that has all sections you may need. They have designed their online platform thoroughly and you can find any information you need on the website. A student sees a pop-up window with the free session option as soon as he/she goes to the website. A friendly support representative will contact you when you start looking through the site. They have their policies, money back guarantee and pricing well-structured so a user is not confused and does not ask the support team irrelevant and frequently asked questions. The site is designed to be well-navigated with a user-friendly interface.

Before buying a learning plan from the company, I have read a lot of Etutorworld reviews and was surprised that there were no complaints and negative feedback. Having experienced the teaching methodology myself, I can only add my positive review and continue working with them to improve my sister’s level of knowledge on the subjects I cannot help her with.