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Jerry Legere
May 22, 2018 · 4 min read

I work as a manager at an international company. Having received a Bachelor’s degree in management, I thought that my education was over. Yet, new trends on the market and rampant development of our company resulted in the need for further learning.


Then at hand came Smarthinking online tutoring. They offered on-the-job training at affordable prices. I had to take Business Management courses to get a promotion. The company provided me with a great tutor who managed to explain everything clearly and unambiguously. In less than a month, I saw the first results and I could easily handle the job offered by my boss. Now I continue learning and combine work with study, as education nowadays is the key to success.



Smarthinking is an online tutoring platform that offers services at every level of study. They provide PreK-12, Higher education, and Professional online tutoring. The company cooperates with a number of schools and colleges to improve students’ grades and overall performance. Their motto is life-long learning and they live by these words. They offer tutoring on the following subjects:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Math and Science
  • Professional and Career
  • World languages
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Religion
  • English language learning
  • Business, etc.

Besides, they offer products and services for teachers to inspire students and achieve more. Their products include:

  • Test prep and test solutions
  • Distance learning solutions
  • Course content
  • Digital learning environments
  • Learning and engagement tools

Smarthinking com hires educators with diverse subject backgrounds and experience in teaching students of various levels. With their one-on-one personalized approach, the sessions are very successful and show great results proved by statistical research you can read on the website. According to Smarthinking review, 90% of all tutors hold either Masters or PhD degrees. All tutors are adequately trained to provide the best online tutoring services. Training by using online tutoring provides the following benefits:

  • Provides proper student management
  • Ensures effective teaching methods
  • Implements whiteboard technology

The company also offers products and services for higher institutions to increase their enrollment and solve distance education problems. Their products involve:

  • Alternative credentials
  • Analytics services
  • Career success program
  • Competency-based education
  • Help for educational grants
  • Online program management and many more

As you can see, Smarthinking embraces all levels of education and solves all issues concerning online learning.




Smarthinking is available via email, phone, Twitter, and Facebook. They have developed an up-to-date support program that can solve almost every problem. They have support for:

  • Educators and administrators
  • Students

A student can either watch a video or access the guide. They provide detailed instructions for every step of online tutoring. If that is not enough, you can contact them using Smarthinking’s support portal, submit a request or call them. They are available at your service according to the standard office schedule. The support team is always ready to answer all your questions and support your strive for learning.

Website usability

  • Frequently asked question section
  • Implementation materials
  • Training material

Students have the opportunity to watch videos that explain how to use Smarthinking:

  • Smarthinking Tutorial Overview
  • How to Use Drop in Tutoring
  • How to Schedule a Tutoring Session
  • How to Use a Whiteboard
  • How to Communicate with Tutors, etc.

The website is filled with content and information on different topics and events. However, it is easy to navigate and the website has a user-friendly interface. The online tutoring platform offers a great variety of opportunities for both students and teachers and involves all necessary information concerning the process of education.

In my opinion, Smarthinking is a global online tutoring platform that has developed a certain strategy and achieved great results. Joining this successful company you learn how to promote yourself and agree with its motto of ongoing education.

Jerry Legere

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Ivy League Student and Blogger