The Greatest Lesson From History You Probably Never Learned
umair haque

Umair, I’ve been enjoying following you for a while now.

I would say you have a great point of view, but I cannot agree with you 100 per cent.

The wonderful lifestyle the Europeans have enjoyed this century has been due to capitalism…same as the U.S. Only instead of uncontrolled capitalism, which has lead to the “exploitation” you rail against, it has been very carefully controlled capitalism, which always puts the worker first. A mixture, if you will, of Marxism and Capitalism, with them both cancelling out each other’s worst features.

Our problem, here in the US, is that we’ve allowed our “leaders” to brainwash us that caring for our most helpless is “socialism”. It is no such thing. It is human compassion. But because Capitalism is king here, being poor and disadvantaged is somehow the fault of the individual. Again…it is no such thing. But a good portion of my country thinks it is.

Capitalism is a mindless, omnivorous thing. And an equal opportunity destroyer, if left unchecked. It will destroy environments, nations, even an entire planet, if allowed to pursue it’s own worst instincts.

Does a lava flow exploit the land it levels? Of course not. But that land is leveled nonetheless. So it is with Capitalism. There are the very wealthy that allow all manners of things to proceed, of course, in the pursuit of more profits. But they are just cogs in the wheel. The real evil is the system of rewarding a small percentage at the cost of unchecked ruination of the rest.

Jerry Lowe