If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

And this is what it tells me about you.

  1. You are the kind of person who believes that all votes are owned by the two parties and that not voting for who you choose is treason.
  2. You have nothing other that vote for _____ or ______ wins.
  3. You think browbeating, shaming and denigrating others is a winning method.
  4. You are either too lazy to look at what your choice has done or do not care. Either way you are behaving as a clueless cheerleader.
  5. You choose party over country regardless of what that party has done either by action or omission.
  6. Lastly that you really hate that someone else would make choices for their own good reasons. You seem to enjoy Chinese democracy where everything is arranged in advance and plays out as show rather than real democracy where you actually have to convince people to gain their support and vote. You are everything that is wrong with this farce we call an election.

My vote is mine. Not yours, not theirs. Mine. If you can’t persuade me to change my mind without fear then STFU. I will spend my vote as I choose and you will just have to accept it. I will not reward corruption by rubber stamping their behavior and in my opinion that you will says far more about you.

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