Like my everyday routine, I double-clicked that ‘Word Processor’ shortcut on my desktop, all ready to start a new article. So, what should I write about this time? While pondering over this question, I looked to the bottom right of my screen, where the clock showed that I’ve spent the last two hours staring at the blank screen.

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The Blank Screen of Writer’s Block. Credits: FocusWriter on Ubuntu 18.04

The dreaded feeling that every writer, or any artist for that matter, go through is a creative block. And when your works are the primary source of your income, the situation can be disastrous. …

Before we get started, I’d like to confirm that the write-up contains major spoilers for Death Note, so I would suggest interested readers watch, or at least be aware of the primary plot of the show.

Death Note was one of the most popular and critically acclaimed anime from the last decade, and for good reasons.

As a series and despite the obviousness, Death Note, throughout its runtime, continued to ask viewers about the true identity of the villain, which is one of the major reasons why it is such a viable candidate to introduce anime to new audiences. …

In 1989, the original Prince of Persia game was released. Designed by Jordan Mechner, it followed the story of a nameless protagonist in an epic saga. It took two decades and a movie to finally name this hero Dastan, which itself means ‘Hero’. And hero he is, while simultaneously fascinating his followers with sheer bravery and royal elegance.

He never started out as prince, but he truly is royal at heart. Smart, adaptive, kind, valiant and downright adventurous.

The Original Prince

It all started with the 1989 release for the Apple II, titled Prince Of Persia. In a race against time, the lover from the streets battles his way through evil soldiers and a dark wizard, the vizier Jaffar, to reach his beloved princess. …

It’s been almost 10 years since the Death Note anime concluded. And while the author thinks his creation was meant for entertainment purposes only, it’s impossible for the fans of the series to discuss the primary question that the show asks,

“What is Justice?”

This is my attempt at answering the question and a few more things that the show highlights.

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Obvious SPOILER Warning.

To start off, Death Note is a fantastic anime/manga — probably the greatest of all time. With its thrilling plot, supernatural elements and carefully crafted junctions, the show is near flawless from a storytelling point of view. …


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