10 Points on the Second Presidential Debate

1. For the first 30-minutes of this debate we saw a candidate in slow-motion self-immolating, stuttering, slow, stagnating death spiral. I am sure that for that whole time Republican operatives were discussing how to dump him; save the party.

2. Then for the second hour this very quick-study ad-lib machine made himself seem “normal” — by far the most dangerous thing that he does. This ab-normalizes HRC a little. She is naturally defense — never excelled at spontaneity.

3. Republican operatives reversed course; will stick with him.

4. He spoke classic Republican brutal lying accusations, spouting pure paranoiac bullshit that IS the First Language of his party and his supporters. Nativism from cradle to the grave; every hot-button touched; Benghazi, ISIS, Russia reset, emails, her speeches, etc.

5. But that is their language. And it works for them. Works well.

6. Our side is now only 1% less dumb than “their side,” having gotten into the weeds of self-rightousness, our own liberal media bubble, and of course reluctant Bernie-Jill whatever-her-name-is supporters who say “My vote doesn’t matter.”

7. Andrew Sullivan writes: “I’m horrified to say that Trump will survive this, even though he absolutely shouldn’t. I suspect this performance will prevent a total meltdown in his campaign. His Breitbart-style attacks on Clinton will have riled up his base. Her defensive rebuttals were not crude enough to hit home. But it remains true that this man openly pledged to put his opponent in jail if he is elected — something that is truly destructive of a liberal democracy. He pledged to ally with Putin’s Russia in global politics. He offered mere slogans when asked to provide substantive policy answers. And he took politics to a new low in his tabloid antics.

The more bullshit Trump spouts and the less Clinton attacks him, the more normal this candidate appears. He is not normal. He is a threat to liberal democracy. He is an unhinged, reckless ignoramus.

He’s a disgrace and a national embarrassment. And he may still win this election.”

8. No one said electing the first woman president would be easy.

9. It isn’t.

10. Of course she killed him in the debate; it wasn’t even close; liberal media is up its own ass (“Do you find Trump funny?”); she will win. But I grant Sullivan’s last line to be in play.

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