Why I Am Not going to the Mnuchin Gallery Anymore

Look; I know the art world has the ethics of a boa constrictor; that artists often sell their art to multi-millionaire Republican financiers and worse; I regularly see people like Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife — Wendy Dang — on the arms of curators; that the art world has slept with money since Day One.



Art is always looking to find a way to get at rich people’s money.

Life is paradox. Art contains multitudes.

I’m just in my apartment working; whatever. Maybe I’m risking my job.

But now that the son of Robert Mnuchin of Mnuchin Gallery on the Upper East Side (where David Hammons and other great artists show); now that Robert Mnuchin’s son Steven Mnuchin, of Goldman Sachs, is “Make America HATE Again” Donald Trump’s Campaign Finance Chief — I’m not going to Mnuchin Gallery anymore. True, this is nothing new. Robert Mnuchin is now on Philip Vergne’s LA MoCA Board, and has been or is a Trustee at the Whitney and the Hirshhorn: All good by me.

But since I’m no better than a boa constrictor: I’m not going to the gallery anymore.

Sue me. It’s no capital crime.

#NeverTrump — climate-denying, xenophobic, racist, homophobic, misogynist, Muslim-hating turd

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