You all ever, say…

(Originally posted on Facebook)

You all ever, say, read someone writing about art, who has been writing about art a while (sometimes decades), and seems somehow still clueless and you want to say to them:

Do you actually think that you are an art-critic? It’s like you’ve never really questioned anything; or had to push your work; and you are just sort of masturbating and telling yourself how ‘hard’ you work when you are barely original; and have a little bit of a semi-cushy life where you don’t have to work in the world full-time because you got some okay teaching job somewhere that may be tenuous but you’ve managed to hold on to it for a while and get various versions of the same job; and occasionally pretend you’re ‘real’ because you get a “residency” a grant or something like that?

You know I love you though … Xo

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