But You Ever Try Heroin?

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’m not about to try to start a new heroin diet. I was actually thinking about how George Michael died on Christmas Day and it reminded me of this comedian named Artie Lange who always waxes poetically on the microphone.

He starts off…Opening up the audience by talking about his addiction to heroin. He goes to rehab, gets cleaned up and gets a trainer. His trainer ends up being this uber male. You know pretty much your prototypical Abercrombie model/pro athlete.

Artie talked about how hard training can be being, well…fat. So he says to his trainer “You know heroin is a hard high to forget,” and his trainer responds, “Have you tried running?”

(Can you see where this is going?)

Artie responds back “Have you tried heroin??”

Right then it dawned on me…No, I’m not gonna try heroin!

It’s simple

No one wants to work with someone that’s can’t relate. We all have our own demons but the truth will set you free.

You see hombre, though most would judge Artie and say he’s a fat drug addict I see the contrary. He has taken power over his addiction and his weight issue, by admitting it and then doing something about it.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, what are you most scared of that people will find out about you? But maybe you should honestly consider what it’s costing you to hide your truth…

For me, it was costing me my freedom. I bought many cars, went on plenty of trips to the Caribbean…Even Europe


But nothing feels as liberating as speaking the truth. Don’t hide from the truth and don’t worry about people judging. If you are worth anything at all (and you are because you’re awesome for reading this), you are gonna be judged and receive negative criticism from somewhere regardless.

Be strong my friend

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Jerry “I’ve got skeletons too” Washington