Never Wear A Red Shirt To Target…

So I was at Target the other day I was shopping for a friend’s birthday and I just so happen to be wearing a red shirt. Big mistake…

I just planned on getting a gift card and some trail mix, but it took me like 45 minutes to even finish getting the card because after every card I would try to pick up, some old lady would tap me on the shoulder and ask me where she could find the ummm…

pharmacy/prophylactic section?

I would like to think that I’m a helpful guy but honestly, I’d also like to think I could shop in a red shirt without having any problems.

NE hoo, it kinda makes me think about how everyone in life sometimes misjudges the information that’s presented to them. You see a relatively young guy wearing a red shirt (and khakis…ooops) and you’ll probably think he’s an employee. (Especially if you’re a grandma.)

I suppose in hindsight it’s understandable, but today I’m gonna start talking about your subconscious and how you can use mind control to control other people’s behaviors.

Did you know that you could control people’s emotions?

Yup, in fact it’s actually pretty simple. You’re actually doing it all the time.

You see, back in the days of Freud there were slew of other behavioral psychologists that had competing philosophies about emotions and how they are caused.

You may be familiar with Freud’s work about the Id, Ego, and Superego or how all boys secretly want to sleep with their moms and kill their father(I know kinda sick right?) I still find it kinda weird that we even thought twice about considering this guy credible…

Well, there was this guy named William James and he studied under Freud. He went on to branch off and in some circles is considered the father of modern psychology.

James was a bit more “normal” and he held a different belief about emotions that is starting to gain more and more traction with the scientific community.

James believed that emotions were actually the result of a physiological response…

I mean get this broham. Most people believed at the time that our emotions are from some sort of repressed memories. but what we’re finding out is that that’s only half of the whole game.

Our body responds to the outside world and THEN we feel emotion.

Read that again sugar lips ^^^^

It turns out that research shows that our emotions are more or less universal with just a few smatterings of personal experience thrown in to spice it up for us as individuals.

There is a quite a bit to discuss on this topic, but I’m going to stop here and leave you with this thought for the day.

Our body is constantly responding to stimulus from the outside and sending the information to the brain. But just before we produce a response there is a space. A space which most people completely ignore, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that within that space lies choice.

You can ALWAYS choose your response the rest is up to chance…

Jerry “choices” Washington

Originally published at on March 27, 2017.