An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

As a fellow terp alum. I am amazed that the quality of education has sunk so low so fast.

When is it okay for anyone to post an article without fact checking?

  1. Did you know how she got that bourbon? Care to check on that?
  2. When is last time you actually checked rental price in SF bay area? There are craiglist and other site that would take you less than 5 minutes to do just basic search.
  3. $1245 a month rent in bay area is not enough to cover rent price for a small studio. One have to go out as far as stockton (which is 80 miles away from SF) to get a studio or one bed room apartment at this kind of prices.
  4. To live that far, and as Talia has pointed out to you. She would have to spend $11.30 per day on train ticket. If you had bothered to do some investigative work. You would know that she would most likely spend over 3 hours in commute everyday just to have a 9 hour shift at yelp.
  5. Yes, it possible to spend $600 on rent in bay area if you want to violate safety regulation by stuffing 6–8 people into a 2 bed room apartment. But i am not sure how you can justify that type of living arrangement when you are overcrowding an apartment.
  6. Yes, Talia can get a 2nd job to make ends meet. However, she is already spending 12 hours every work day to just work a yelp. So are you saying that she will need to find another 8 hour job just to make $8.13 an hour? So basically you are asking her not to sleep during weekdays? On top of that gave up her weekend too. When is it okay to enslave others by depriving them of sleep and rest?
  7. Without buying food or water, Talia would have to spend $1500 for just room and train fare. With her wage at just under $1450 per month. She is already $50 in red every month while spending half of her work day working a corporate job.
  8. Utilities in bay area is expensive. Average electric bill is $88, gas is $55, and water is about $20. Assume Talia is a great saver and cut back on heat, electricity, water…. She still has to spend $90 a month on those.
  9. We have not even started on food. Just think for a moment that we put her on the cheap diet of can soup, can veggie, and can meat. Its highly unlikely she can keep her meal under $5.00. Assume yelp provides free lunch, she would still have to spend $300 per month in an extremely unhealthy diet.
  10. Who knows if she has any student loan that she needs to pay back. Adding food and utilities, Talia would already be in a financial hole close to $500 a month.
  11. Yes she can bartend on weekend and make another $800 a month in tips. But that would still give her $300 a month of safety net. Is that enough?

The problem i have with your post is that you did not look at fact or conduct any research. I found it awful to disguise financial caste system as entitlement.

Please don’t judge thing by a picture. You are no better than trying to get your 15 minutes of fame by stepping on the working poor.

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