She is on the receiving end of my disdain for multiple reasons, none of which are because she lost…
Stefanie Williams

That is because you do not check the actual fact. Anyone with a basic computer skills and do a search on bay area housing market and how difficult it is to find a one bed room studio for less than $2000 a month.

Do you know how working poor live in the bay area? They either join together in pool of 6 to 8 to cramp into a 2 bed room apartment. Do you how many safety violation this is?

Did you even have the decency to even ask how she obtained her expensive bottle of bourbon? DID YOU?

In order for her to maintain a roof over her head, she has to spend what she has to spend. How about commuting 3 hours a day by train and earn $8.13 an hour on a 9 hour work day?

Stop stepping on the working poor so you can get your 15 minutes of fame.

Last time i check, Talia did not live with her parent like you did. Talia did not have friend offering a job during recession.

You are more privileged than Talia is. Ignorant and elitist is what your response showed.

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