[Resource] Master List of CEOs of Enterprise Startups (Who are Women)

Jessica Lin
Work-Bench Women in Enterprise Forum Event: July 2017

We don’t think anyone needs any more lists in their lives…but we do believe in data-driven approaches, whenever possible.

One of the biggest challenges we faced while planning our upcoming and first-ever Navigate 2018: Women in Enterprise Tech Summit here in NYC on February 28, 2018 alongside Salesforce Ventures was identifying speakers — specifically women CEOs of enterprise software startups selling their products into Fortune 1000 companies (across data/analytics, security, infrastructure, future of work, and IoT).

There are more than ever great articles and features around female founders in consumer tech, but we have found there to still be very little focus on CEOs in enterprise technology. We swapped lists with other VCs and founders, wishing there was one single source, to collate numbers, people, and efforts.

And perhaps most of all — we know that enterprise sales to Fortune 500 customers is brutal and hard (and why we do so much on this front at Work-Bench to support our portfolio companies and community). So how can we best identify the community of female enterprise founders in order to better support them?

To that end, we’ve created a Master List of CEOs/Founders of Enterprise Startups (Who are Women), as a central resource and a living document.

Our hope with this list is that conferences can more easily find speakers (no more CES excuses), dinners and networking events will see more balanced representation, and opportunities — whether across sales and customers, professional development, and funding — will be better distributed.

We know we’re missing women (many of them, I hope) — so please send them our way to women@work-bench.com to be added. And if you’re a female CEO of an enterprise startup — we want to hear from you!

Please reach out to us here and we’d love to include you in our greater community of Work-Bench enterprise dinners, speaking opportunities at our conferences, events, meetups, and more here in NYC.

Disclaimer: we know that CEOs/founders are not the only roles to focus on, and that there are very impressive groups of women at all levels and functions of leadership, and at companies beyond just venture-backed startups. As a VC fund here at Work-Bench investing in early-stage enterprise startups, this was a natural place for us to start. But we’d love to collate other lists too, shortly.

Navigate 2018: Women in Enterprise Tech Summit

February 28, 2018 @ Work-Bench

Join Work-Bench and Salesforce Ventures for the first-ever Navigate 2018: Women in Enterprise Technology Summit in NYC.

We’re bringing together the most prominent women and allies of best-in-class operators and founders from emerging startups and pre-IPO companies, corporate IT executives, and top-tier investors across enterprise technology for this exclusive half-day event.

You’ll hear from 6 top enterprise women leaders in TED-talk style sessions, each sharing a tactical page from their playbook on how they’ve navigated their careers across sales, engineering, marketing, founders, and more.

Register below today!

Jessica Lin

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co-founder & VC @Work_Bench | GED educator | rethinking work

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