The Understated Power of Music

Illenium (the EDM artist) performing at a venue.

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a concert put on by up-and-coming EDM DJ’s — Illenium and Said the Sky. In spite of the club setting I was in and the numerous people around me that were at a different plane of being because of drugs and/or alcohol, the experience was magical and perhaps the greatest performance I had ever witnessed in person. It may have changed my life forever in the sense that it modified my perspective on music and its power. I didn’t need the influence of drugs or alcohol to realize how much joy I felt as I felt the beautiful sounds of bass drops and synthesized beats pulsing through my body.

EDM stands for “electronic dance music,” which is the general name for many sub-genres such as trance, house music, dubstep, and trap. Within the past decade, electronic music has made many strides into becoming a widely accepted genre. In fact, many mainstream artists nowadays incorporate electronic elements into their music. It can be said that it’s the music of the future and one of my top passions as I have been listening to it for about 10 years now. I probably listen to electronic music for an average of four hours per day. I kid you not. I have realized that this music speaks to my soul and at times can take to a different plane of thinking when I am alone. It even causes me to ponder on the heavens and my Heavenly Father at times.

So why is this important? Although it may not be EDM music, I believe that there is power in any type of music that attracts our attention. It’s a power that is difficult to explain but that is definitely real. I almost pity people that say they don’t listen to any music at all because I believe that they are missing out on a wonderful source of joy, inspiration, and even support in their lives. It is true that music can be damaging, but if it is right, it can also be healing, rejuvenating, and even inspirational. I invite anyone reading this to ponder a little more deeply on the music that they listen to and to think about the impact that it has on them, for better or worse.

I’ve uploaded a short video of the concert that I attended. The song is called “Afterlife” by Illenium ft. Said the Sky.

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