Can Chocolate Enhance Your Brain and Help you Sleep?

Can Chocolate Enhance Your Brain and Help you Sleep?

Did you ever wonder why they put those tasty chocolates on your pillow when you stay at a hotel? Is it possible they knew something all along?

I think all of us know it’s a nice thought on the part of the hotel to make you feel good. I mean hey who doesn’t like a bit of “Chocolat” right?

But studies are showing that cacao could possibly help women fight that foggy feeling in your head when you don’t enough beauty rest.

The Study published in Frontiers in Nutrition, says that you can gain a mental boost that comes from flavanols (They also help improve cardiovascular health).

Which could improve cognitive functions, metabolism, and memory over time.

Have little while you work for an energy boost!

So what is the exact kind of Chocolate are we talking about, that they are saying we should be eating to get these benefits?

“Dark chocolate is a rich source of flavanols,” Valentina Socci and Michele Ferrara, the study’s lead researchers, told ScienceDaily.

“So, we always eat some. Every day.” I think we have a new brain food on our hands.

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