Sam Longstreth the vioce of bronco baseball

Jeryn B Jack
Dec 8, 2019 · 5 min read
Sam Longstreth

Today I am interviewing Sam longstreth about him being a baseball manager and getting to know him a little bit more. Sam has always been interested in baseball his grandmother introduced him to the sport at a very young age. Sam’s love for baseball started with the tigers who made the world series in 2012.

“My grandmother was huge tigers fan I would go over to her house and there would be a tiger’s game on, that’s how I began to love baseball”.

Sam started to play baseball around second grade he played in little league teams over the summer and played for his middle school team the pioneers. Sam carried his love for baseball into his high school career with him and tried out for the freshman baseball team. Sadly, Sam got cut from his high school team.

“I tried out for the freshman team and ended up getting cut I was very upset until my baseball coach at the time came over and said he didn’t want my positive personality and hard work to go to waste so he made me the student baseball manager.”

Along with managing Sam grew his love for announcing at the baseball games. Sam played the music and announced the players on the field. Sam always loved listening to the radio and listening to people announce on TV.

“I would listen to them announce and think wow id love to do that someday that would be so cool.”

After asking his high school coach if he could give it a try Sam found that he had a talent for announcing and continued to work on it passionately until he became the voice of east grand rapids.

“My athletic director for my high school heard me announce at one if the baseball games and he told me he wanted me to announce for all sports so eventually I was announcing at baseball, volleyball, football, and soccer.”

Sam came to Western Michigan University to continue his love for baseball he didn’t have very much exposure to western because his parent’s went to different schools his dad Chris longstreth went to Michigan state and his mom Sharon longstreth went to grand valley. Michigan state university was Sam’s dream school.

“Michigan state was my dream school I grew up a Spartan because my dad went there he was and still is a Michigan state fan all I knew was Michigan state but when I visited there to look at their sports management program turns out they didn’t have one at all, I looked at all the other schools around Michigan state but they didn’t have what I was looking for”.

Sam chose to go to western because they had an a really good sports management program and they had an amazing band program. Sam played the tuba for his highs school band and he loved it, one day out of the year western lets a couple people in band from different thigh school to come play in there half time show Sam signed up for it and got to play in the half time show.

“In high school there, a day called band day I signed up and got to play in with the western band and perform in their half time show it was an amazing experience, it was during the 13–0 season so we had a lot of people come out to watch that game I played at and I loved the way it felt to out on that field playing for team.”

Sam has always loved baseball and playing an instrument in a band and he hoped he would be able to do both when he got to western.

“lucky for me band is in fall season and baseball is in the spring so I am blessed to be able to enjoy both its really convenient for me because they don’t run into each other and I don’t have to choose one I can do them both.”

Sam became the baseball manager by emailing the baseball coach here at western and asking him if there was an opportunity to be the manger on the baseball team.

“I sent the email to him and he wanted to meet with me so I went to his office and he told that he would love to have me on his team and helping out.”

Sam became the baseball manager controlling their social media and making sure everything is organized. His coach told him he was born to do this and that he has been a big help to the team. After Sam started working on the team there have been more butts in seats and people started to pay more attention and baseball started to become more popular.

“I feel like I am a part of the team all the boys treat me like I am a teammate even the coach told them at the beginning to treat me like a teammate and that made me feel really cool.”

Sam wants to continue his involvement with the western baseball team until he graduates in 2021 with a sports management degree. Sam also wants to work for a professional baseball team and work his way to the top of that team and maybe become a professional baseball coach.

“I am hoping to graduate with a sports management degree in 2021in spring or fall and there is a lot you can do with a sports management degree, I would love to work for a major league baseball team someday maybe the tigers whether that would be announcing, front office, ticket sales or field operations anything like that I would like to work my way up the ranks and maybe someday work for a professional team.”

In conclusion Sam longstreth was able to turn a pass time into a full-time profession with diligence, hard work, passion, perseverance, and dedication. This can be a lesson in life for anybody you need to find something your passionate about and set realistic and obtainable goals and work towards them. Moral of the story is make sure the job your doing doesn’t feel like a job.

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