The end of Patronite and Patreon?

YouTube has made a good decision and is testing the button “Support me” on chosen accounts (mostly gamer’s accounts).

I have some news for you: Patronite’s and Patreon’s businesses are seriously threatened. Too bad, they were doing so well… But I’m afraid it’s time to find another way of earning money. How do I know it? Well, I’m a good observer.

For uninitiated ones: Patronite and Patreon are services that are intermediaries between authors and their patrons — people who want to pay recurrently some money because they like the authors’ works and want to let them create in peace, not limited by some big sponsors’ demands. It’s a modern form of patronage. The first was the American company Patreon, Patronite is its Polish rip-off. Both earn money as intermediaries. They take some percentage from every amount of money that is sent to the authors’ accounts.

But their business model is seriously threatened. YouTube is testing the button “Support me” on chosen accounts (mostly gamer’s accounts). You can subsidize a creator’s account with a chosen amount of money by using this button. It means that if they are testing the beta version now it will be available for all in two or three months. Frankly? I can’t wait.

I like this idea very much, I’m going to support people whose work I appreciate. I think that people should be free in the creative process and it’s impossible having some strange sponsorship agreements with big brands. Money from patrons is free from those demands and agreements. And everyone wins in such a case — the creator can grow and we get better content. We don’t have to see any ads with products we don’t care about. It’s a “win-win” situation. I’m in, and you?