About how one night in a coach made me fall in love in Russia.

At 4:13 pm we met in the biggest toy store of Moscow. Three months ahead I had read his profile in Couchsurfing and since then my mind began to build the sketch of how a gay guy could be in the country were we, people from the supposedly free west side, are told equal love is forbidden.

Seven days before I arrived to Moscow, alone, after a forty eight hours trip from México. The -5 degress the city received me with didn´t feel as cold as we usually imagine Russia is, smiley people addressed me to the Train station, and then, at midnight an unknown man came over me to teach me russian, that man even kindly offered me drugs and a job. The country of my childish dreams was no longer as dark as I remember it from the cartoons I used to watch on the T.V when I was a kid.

One month behind I sent a message to him, asking to have a walk in the city. He accepted. I don´t like to use the concept of gay scene or gay culture but in Russia, for me, that seemed a risky thing, a fact is I like risks.

At 4:15 pm, after a handshake and the common speech people use to start a conversations he no longer was the russian gay I was expecting to discover, the man I disrespectfully expected to know as if he was an excentricity of the country.

After the panoramic view of the city with his other guest , the walk on the city, a nice restaurant dinner, his voice, his eyes, and above this things, the way he moves, hipnotized me. At 7:43 pm he turned from the guy I wanted to know the city with to the human I wanted to know.

He tooked me to a car trip, in the city. Fun fact is I cannot feel I know a city if I don´t have a car drive on it, thing he didn´t know, first fact I will never forget. Our first stop was the Moscow State University and its view of the city, place where we didn´t have deep conversation but enough interesting to make me feel like I wanted to stay with him for longer time.

Later on we went to a Gay Club, nothing particularly dangerous, as I realized before in St. Petersburg too. After few drinks and a Travesti show it was late for me to go back to the place I was staying in, matter he realized, so he likely hesitant offered me to spend the night at his house. Gesture unconsciously I didn´t want to refuse.

At 2:12 am we were at his flat, grandma´s option style as he says its called, georgeuosly decorated like in soviet times. Anna, his guest, was staying in the bed, so the only option was staying with him at the couch. At 2:20 we were ready to sleep, so I profoundly did, next to him, as it always happen in bed when I´m with someone I like.

This love that never ocurred will be kept in my heart as the memorable moment of my Russia. As it happens only with moments I have lived in my mind. Second fact.

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