Disruption on a Personal Level

August 2016 — Thoughts & Contemplations

Disruption. It’s a hot buzzword in tech companies worldwide. Personally though it describes my approach to life in 2016.

Disruption — taking what you have and changing it up. I chose to disrupt years of behavior, dedication, and commitment (by selling a business I co-managed with my father). And though disruption on a personal level might sound negative, I’m referencing it as a positive — on how it helped me creatively.

Parting ways with a business we cultivated for nearly two decades was a tough decision to make — do I continue or do I break ways to pursue my passion? I made my choice and have been processing the implications, both– good and bad, ever since.

What is invigorating (and worth sharing) is that I made a choice that was not forced upon me — there was no major event pressing upon us to make a decision or external factor pushing us in any direction. Which made making the decision empowering yet stressful.

At the same time, I began taking a closer look at other parts of my life and thought, how else can I shake things up?

I’ve got quite the vivid imagination, and so of course in this situation my brain has been an entertaining place to be. I keep imagining myself walking to a table filled with papers, notes, laptop, coffee cup, pens, and flipping it over like it’s no big deal. Of course in my imagination it is kind of like a gif — stopping right when everything is up in the air with confetti mixed in and then going right back to the beginning. Starting the fantastic loop all over again. Nothing is broken or permanently damaged and the air is filled with excitement and the promise of new.

I have sought out ways to introduce change in my projects and way of life — be innovative with my approach. So needless to say I have spent quite some time pondering how exactly I should go about making it happen in other areas of my life. Obviously there are some areas that are remaining as they are, like my relationships, but I feel like everything else is fair game for consideration.

There’s a feeling you get when you willingly make a change in your life — its satisfying and petrifying in one go. I highly recommend disrupting your own life (wisely).

Change up the pattern of your life and find a new method, as we are not required to follow one designated path. It’s okay to create a fork in the road rather than wait for one to appear in your journey.

I have even started approaching social nuances with a disruption mindset. Those who know me, know I tend to be a pleaser, so in order to start putting my own wants first, I am now saying “no” more often, and changing to be less of a pleaser. This has had quite an impact, all of which is invigorating and scary, but worth doing. Learning to say no to others so that I can say yes to fulfilling my own dreams has been a challenge and is still a work in progress. But like all good disruption plans, you have to adjust and adapt along the way — it isn’t a smooth transition.

My life feels like a constant swirl of cultures mixing, sometimes colliding even though more often than not they blend beautifully. For the parts that collide, I’m erring on the side of being more disruptive with my response — changing it so that it feels more comfortable and acceptable to me. A social disruption of sorts; why follow customs and traditions that cause cognitive dissonance.

I know it sounds ironic, how can change be comfortable? It can be, and I urge you to try it in your own life.

Go on and disrupt, throw some (imaginary) tables up in the air and get creative with the newness you bring to your daily grind.

It’s been a couple months, but I’m back to writing again. For 7 years I had my Thoughts & Contemplations column published in a monthly newspaper circulated in Arizona, Valley India Times. Although the business is sold and I’m no longer writing for a newspaper, I’m still full of thoughts and contemplations that I want to share with the world. I’m excited to see how my style changes now that I’m publishing on Medium, feel like there are a world of possibilities.

Thanks for reading!

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