Hide Your IP With An Anonymous Proxy

One of the most important parts of browsing the internet is the ability to remain anonymous whenever you are online, as well as privately access all of the information that you are interested in. Unfortunately, both of these factors are things that are constantly under threat by out governments, as well as private corporations. This is why an anonymous proxy is so important.

What is the IP address

The key to being anonymous online is your IP address. IP addresses are pieces of information that are provided by internet service providers to all the users of a network. Your IP address might be associated just with you, or it might be associated with a few people who are using the same network.

IP addresses provide information about who you are, and your location. It lets companies create online profiles about your activities online, and also provides the potential for people to find out information about you, because there is a strong link between you personally and your IP address.

Use Anonymous proxy to hide you IP address

Through an anonymous proxy, your IP address is hidden because of the proxy, and websites do not have the ability to work out what your actual location is. Hiding your IP address allows you to stay safe online, and it prevents you from leaving footprints online that allow people to harm you or find out information about you. Using a proxy, you are able to remain entirely anonymous online, which is important for protecting yourself regardless of what websites you visit.

Use Anonymous proxy to Bypass Censorship

Another role that a proxy plays is that it allows you to access content that is blocked through censorship, or by your internet administrator. Sites that are blocked often include Facebook and YouTube. Proxies are often blocked, so you need to carefully consider who you use as a proxy provider and whether their proxy is blocked in any parts of the world. Using a proxy is a very good way of getting past censorship and filters.

How to set up the proxy

One of the good things about using an anonymous proxy is that it is very easy to set up and use.

And there is a post about How to use the Proxy on different browsers.

Here is a image to show How to step the proxy on Mac Safari Brows

In fact, most proxies don’t require the installation of any software, and this is beneficial if you do not know much about installing software on computers.

Another reason that this is so good is that because you don’t need to install anything, you can use a proxy on a computer that is not your own, such as one at a school or at a business.