Jeff Escalante
Aug 8, 2017 · 2 min read

I understand that a lot of people are passionate and angry about both the google document, and the general topic of gender equality, and it seems like some of that is being taken out on me here. I would like to again clearly state that I am not here to support the views in the document, as I mentioned in my first comment, but rather that I am trying to help make refutations stronger. I suggested that the piece would help to influence and educate more people if it was a little more specific in where and why the original google document was wrong. Your response was a gender-based personal attack, and an accusation that I, a random commenter, should be the one researching and showing where and why the google document was wrong instead of the author of the piece who actually said it was wrong. I don’t see this as either a reasonable response, or a productive addition to the conversation.

Additionally, the “you vs us” angle that you take in this response is both unnecessary and counterproductive. I am not “against” you, not in any way, and it’s baffling to me that you think that I am. One of the biggest problems with the original piece is that it makes assumptions about individuals based on averages that apply across their gender. And right here in this comment, you have done the same thing to me.

Finally, I’d like to leave the same feedback for this comment as I did for the original article. You say “We’ve done the work over and over and over.” This would be a really great place to, you know, provide a couple links to the work! It really helps to make your points stronger when you back them up, and it also helps to educate me on some important pieces & opinions that I might not have already read. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe you without this, but it helps to strengthen your piece so that it influences more people when this type of context and backing is added. For public pieces, this is especially relevant. Another commenter linked this article for example, which I see you read and recommended. I thought this was a great article too, and got a lot of good insight out of it. A link like this would be a great addition to the conversation 😀

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