Jeff Escalante
Dec 8, 2017 · 2 min read

So I’m just going to jump in about the opposition to organic farming. The part about animals eating other animals is certainly valid, and while humans don’t have to eat animals to survive like some others do, and I think its everyone’s choice whether or not they want to like you mentioned, it’s up the the individual here and I generally do not fault people who are veggie/vegan/not regardless. However, I think taking a shot at organic products is going too far.

Animals in nature live, die, hunt, are hunted, etc. and this is all perfectly natural and would happen regardless of humans, as you said. However, non-organic meat products go through a drastically different process. There are half a million books and videos on it that I’d encourage you to check out, but basically when animal products are not marked as organic, it means that the animals are horrendously tortured for their entire lives before being killed for meat. I will let you discover the ways in which this happens yourself, which is quite simple to find on the internet, but let me just tell you that it is beyond belief. The animals are clearly in horrible pain for their entire existences, and this is done purely to drive higher profit for businesses.

Now, I’m not opposed to animals dying — like you said, it happens whether or not humans are involved. However, I think that raising an animal in captivity and torturing it full time for years is severely fucked up, as far from normal and natural as is possible, and I could not feel good about myself if I supported this practice. I am more than happy to pay a higher price to support raising animals in a manner such that they live reasonably normal and happy lives while they are alive. And to be totally honest, I do reserve some slight judgement for people who know about it full well and consciously choose to support torturing animals in order to save a couple dollars (unless they are on the brink of survival themselves and legitimately cannot afford it without impending financial ruin).

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