I doomed mankind with a free text editor
Morten Just

This is what happens to anything that makes its way over the internet to a lot of people. There are always people that get riled up. You could take the most tame and PC topic of all time, and if it gets out to enough people, there will be a gang of them making passionate angry tweets about it, guaranteed. I’m sure you have seen this happen before, but it almost seems like you were surprised or offended when it happened to something you made.

I’m just curious, what were you trying to say with this article, exactly? Based on the conclusion, it seemed to me to be saying “holy shit I just made an innocent experimental app and people are furious, what is wrong with them?” But at the same time, I can’t imagine that you were honestly surprised by this. Nor is it anywhere close to the first time large numbers of people have been angry at something for no apparent reason on the internet.

There are little bits of research and thoughts about limiting number of words throughout the article, but any insight that might be taken from this is so overshadowed by the pressing theme of “look at these crazy people and how they reacted on twitter!”

I guess it’s just weird for me because you have a very interesting topic, which you clearly have done a lot of research on, but instead of presenting this as the primary theme, you instead push a theme that is as insightless as it is obvious (people getting mad about arbitrary things on twitter).

Either way, 💖for building an interesting app, and for the little pieces of research along the way!