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Disconnect from Your Device and Starting Living Again

Self Care & Smartphones: Our devices are threatening our long term health and wellness.

Life Coach Jeselle Eli, MPH shares about Self Care & Smartphones
Life Coach Jeselle Eli, MPH shares about Self Care & Smartphones

The world is a noisy place. From the moment you wake up, to the multiple times you get up in the middle of the night to check your phone, there is noise. Alerts from this app, notifications from that app, mindless scrolling on this app and “app”arently, pardon the pun, we are losing ourselves in the device.

In my research, I have found that there are 3 things that silently happen when we take too much time on our smart phones.

Connection. Or lack there off. As an 80’s baby, spending my teen years in the 90’s roaming around New York City, I will never forget what real human connection was. Belly to belly, face to face, heart to heart. Often times madness to madness as you never know what you could run into on the streets of NY. The kind of connection that we are experiencing now a days, from behind the screen is false. It is lacking real emotion and human connection. The world needs more hugs, the world needs more smiles, and the world needs more nods of acknowledgment in people passing by.

Confusion. There is too much about too much coming our way too much of the time. The ability to get distracted when picking up your device is at an all time high when we are being bombarded with information, messages and notifications non stop. On the bright side, we really get a chance to exercise our focus muscle. On the not so bright side, what if you are a person that still puts off really important things, as a result of all the “noise” from your phone. It is easy to do. I admit to falling into the trap of the notifications and mindless app wandering. And I’ve had to put systems in place to keep me on track to get on with my life and the priority of tasks at hand. Not only can I admit to it, but I watch countless numbers of other people do it.

Comparison. The comparison game is the worst game anyone could play with themselves. And the smartphone, mobile device, interweb, social media takeover makes it easy to succomb to playing the comparison game. In this life, it is inevitable that we all go through ups and downs. In our down times, it is not beneficial to compare to anothers up times. Remember, we are all on different chapters of our book called life. One person’s chapter 5 cannot be compared to a person who is just starting their introduction.

My main point in all of this, is to encourage you to take a break. Disconnect. Take time for yourself. Tune in to your soul. Listen to your heart. Give your instincts and inner voices some space to breath and talk freely.

Whether you do this for 1 hour, 1 week or even 1 month, I guarantee that your mind, your body and your soul will thank you for it. Rejuevenation can be done daily. Not only in multi day retreats in the middle of nowhere. I believe in giving yourself gifts. And disconnecting and tuning inwards is the biggest gift you can give yourself in this super noisy world.

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Jeselle Eli, MPH Lifestyle Health & Wellness Coach

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Jeselle Eli, MPH is an Author and Life Coach specializing in Self-Care. Her teachings use a practical and holistic approach toward productivity and success.

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