Get Off Your Butt

Yeah, I’m talking to you!


So, listen to me:

  • You are never going to get things done if you don’t make a move right now.
  • If you’re waiting on something. Do something about it to get it done faster instead.
  • Are you waiting on finishing the book after your kids go to school? Do it now.
  • Not writing because you’re not in the mood? Write anyway. Write everything that comes to your head. Just write.
  • Postponing your laundry because you’re tired? It would be worse if you don’t have clean underwear for work tomorrow.
  • If you wanna sleep for five more minutes after the alarm goes off. Don’t.

Five becomes Ten. Ten becomes Fifteen. Fifteen becomes an Hour.

  • Don’t give in.
  • Get off your bed and take a walk.
  • Don’t snooze the alarm!
  • Work it off. Try new things. Meditate. Eat healthy. Learn a martial art. Stay focused.
  • Don’t be afraid.
  • You’re never getting out of life alive anyway. Take calculated risks.
  • Don’t postpone.
  • The worst thing that can come between you and that high throne of success is your laziness.
  • Never lower priority because you’re tired. Giving into laziness will make you a slacker.

Don’t be a slacker!

  • We are there. We are almost there. Our goal is just that curve away.
  • Learn patience. Meditate. Don’t confuse patience with laziness.
  • Always question. Always find better ways. Question why this is the better way.
  • Get off your butt and get things done. No excuses.


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