Let’s rethink sex
The Lily News

A thought relating to our over-sexualized American culture — I’m honestly really tired of the billion and one million pounds of emphasis on sex sex sex. We’re already over the Puritan era, can we not just allow these topics to be private and individual to the people involved now, including deciding “hands off — my value as a person comes before the beauty of my body???” This isn’t the cause of predators doing what they do, as a reader mentions above, that’s about a power trip. But while we’re on the topic, it would also be cool if our culture didn’t objectify women as it does — that’s an act of oppression and dehumanization on par with any power play. It’s NOT sex positive when the main thing that is emphasized about women in our culture, via magazines, billboards, tv, movies, music — you name it — is their “fuckability.”

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