Creativity and This Trash Fire Year
Julie Pearson

Hang in there, Julie. I agree that the whole sexual harassment and assault news has been traumatizing for us to the point of being frozen. I am having trouble getting to work on my projects as a result of being reminded through the news of my own experiences with this topic, and it’s a long history. Basically I feel kind of hollowed out, like I need to start over again from zero, a space of peace, and feeling protected. While other topics in the news have caused me to retreat, disgusted with the world, this latest has been so personal, I am needing a retreat to truly recalibrate. The other choice being to take the yuck I’ve been expected to tolerate, and as you aptly described above, “power through,” and turn it into hurting people. I choose the creative path instead of the destructive one, the retreat instead of the attack — but the reason for me to act in any direction to come to terms respectfully with my experiences, those in the past and those yet to come, is powerful.

You’re not in this alone, girlfriend, chin up, we’ve got your back, to quote Mobb Deep:

“As time goes by, an eye for an eye

We in this together son your beef is mines

So long as the sun shines to light up the sky

We in this together son your beef is mines”

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