I absolutely agree with you.
Anna Linke

I agree with this and it is a good challenge for those who have never shot analog. I would not discourage anyone from trying something new, it may be a better route for them in terms of “down their alley.” And digital is life in the fast lane, though that doesn’t mean better lane in the hands of some. Really the most important thing though that helps you take better photos is time and practice. Whatever you use, practice it every day, and be engaged. Don’t be hung up on “better,” just search for your muse, and work at it — a LOT. This is what athletes do and this is how people should approach anything which they are passionate about. It’s all in you, the shoes won’t make you run faster. Choose the kind that’s most comfortable for you, analog, digital, cell phone, pinhole, whatever you love, and relentlessly work with it. With time, you’ll be able to take photos which uncover your eyes, and to the viewer, communicate something you were experiencing when you pressed the shutter button.

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