It’s Way Too Soon To Be Splitting Hairs On Sexual Harassment
Micheline Maynard

This is what I wrote on this subject in a discussion thread elsewhere in cyberspace:

Sadly, part of the problem with sexual abuse is the shame on the part of the victim, and the fact that when it comes down to it, men have historically been able to push the women who are accusing to be portrayed as liars and goldiggers — in the case of children and young gay men, there’s no accusing voice. In other words, if this has happened to you, it’s very difficult to have it proven except in a case like Weinstein’s, where he did the same spiel with so many different women that it’s hard to ignore all the accusations as lies. The fact of the matter is that calling attention to this behavior is really important, even if there will always be predators, because the sheer number of people coming forward AREN’T doing it for money, they’re doing it because they have an opportunity to speak about it, even without being specific, after carrying around this self-esteem destroying burden for years. And if this kind of abuse hasn’t happened to you, you have no idea what I’m talking about. And ultimately, many of the victims of this kind of thing, so private and which causes so much shame, will never go to court to get satisfaction. My take on it is, if you weren’t there, and you’re not sitting on a jury, you can’t say anyone is a liar, accused OR victim — it’s none of your business. If this does get played out in court for some who are lucky enough to trap their predator(s), then good for them. Also, if someone is not a predator and justice works for them and the accused is discredited, good for them. Always handy to realize, however, that innocent people go to jail, and guilty people go scott-free. And, I truly, HIGHLY doubt that Franken is going to do penance in the stocks. Luckily, he’s not BLACK.

Last observation, and I was thinking about this after reading an article in The Atlantic recently, is that I wonder whether women being in the workforce this long has had an impact on their credibility in this kind of situation. I mean, how many women have to resort to their feminine wiles to have some money? Hollywood is a world unto itself, but sexual harassment, manipulation and assault is ubiquitous, from school age on up. I have first hand experience in this, as I’ve said all over the place since the Trump tape came out. I can’t emphasize this enough. And I have no one in power to accuse.

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