4 Ways to Build Emotional Connections with Restaurant Guests

Defining an emotional connection can be difficult since it’s largely intangible.

According to Harvard Business Review, customers who are emotionally connected to a product or service buy more, are more profitable, and are more loyal than customers who are simply satisfied. But what does that mean? Defining an emotional connection can be difficult, because it is largely intangible. Here are 4 important steps to take in order for you and your team to build an emotional connection with your guests:

  1. Be Authentic. The most basic way you can connect with guests is simply by being true to who you are and what your restaurant stands for. There’s a reason they came to your restaurant, and it’s your job to deliver that authentic experience for your guests.
  2. Build on Shared Experiences. Have you ever wondered why certain groups of people have a sense of partnership or brother/sisterhood? Take the military, sororities, or fraternities for example. They are a group of people that has shared similar experiences, and it helps form a bond and a sense of belonging among the group. You can foster a similar sense of belonging with your guests based on shared experiences.
  3. Be Responsive. Being responsive shows your guests that you care about their experience. It demonstrates a personal involvement in the details of how they perceive your restaurant, and most importantly, it shows that you care enough to pay attention to them. This makes guests feel important and valued.
  4. Demonstrate Personality. If you’re loud and boisterous and always the center of attention, embrace it! Many guests love that. Alternatively, if you’re studious and detail oriented, guests will enjoy the level of quiet attention you devote to them. Guests respond when they get a peek behind the curtain of who you really are and what your restaurant is all about.

Building emotional connections with your guests is a sure-fire way to engage them, keep them coming back, and convert them into brand ambassadors. Make sure you’re consistently following these steps to connect with your guests and build your business.

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This article originally appeared here as part of the Greybar Solutions blog.

About the author

Jesiah Mauck is the Founder & Managing Director of Greybar Solutions LLC, a restaurant consulting group. As an experienced leader in the hospitality industry and former multi-unit operator, Jesiah helps independent restaurant owners make more money and create more free time by providing strategic management and operations solutions. Follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn.