Taken by Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky is an architecture photographer from German. I did Andreas Gursky because he has unique features of his works such as interior, color, and repeatedly object which make a pattern. In my bibliography I had reference his work on the supermarket by quoting his book. He made me feel challenged to take a picture like his work. I took five pictures from some place that near UTS such as UTS library, UTS business building and some objects that I saw in the street. In the first picture, we can see that the book shelf in the middle has a square shape and this shape is repeatedly from the first line to the last line. The second and third pictures look similar. Their shape is repeated and show the pattern. The other object that I saw is a mailbox. It has repeatedly rectangle shape and position of their number is same and it makes a pattern as well. The last picture is auditorium chairs in UTS building. I chose this because I like their repeatedly color and shape. In my opinion, Andreas Gursky has a good characteristic of his photograph and the pictures that I was taken are related to his strategies.

UTS Library
UTS business building


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