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ENTRY is a blockchain-based banking service designed to increase the flow of cryptocurrencies in the real economy. It is an AI empowered multi-utility financial platform. ENTRY is designed to allow people to use fiat as well as crypto currencies in their day-to-day purchases without really having to be concerned about the technology behind the system. ENTRY envisions becoming a truly global bank in the post fiat world. Its entire framework is structured to enhance utility of all crypto Tokens and simultaneously facilitate all those who still want to transact in fiat. ENTRY’s suite of products allows it to touch the financial lives of every crypto user and change it for the better.

The ENTRY platform is based on blockchain technology and makes use of smart contracts. The aim of the platform is twofold.

First, it will act as a bank where users can store their cryptocurrency tokens, make payments and lend money out.

They will also be able to transfer both cryptocurrency tokens and fiat money internationally, as well as make use of withdrawal services like ATMs.

The second aim is to function as a cryptocurrency exchange for businesses and private persons.

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*****The ENTRY work?*****

The general idea is to allow consumers to purchase goods and services online for cryptocurrencies, and the merchants to be paid in fiat money.

The online exchange will allow merchants to do conversions on the platform.

This will ensure they get the right price (minus the transaction fee) and avoid fluctuation and differentiation.

The only fiat currency that will be available in the beginning will be EUR, as the ENTRY project will target the Eurozone first.

The plan is to eventually expand to the global market and cover all fiat currencies.

☆ ☆ ☆About ENTRY.MONEY☆ ☆ ☆

During the worldwide crises, it becomes vital that the present financial platform was deeply flawed. It also turns into clear that these vulnerabilities could have a major impact on the worldwide market even in the upcoming time. Even now, the worldwide economy is struggling development. Transferring payments across worldwide boarders are remain quite complex. It also consumes much of time and is quite expensive.

The existing models which run on the banking platform are slow and complete intermediaries. Besides that, you’ve to deal with counterparty threats, wide paperwork, and several bureaucracies. The business model made by the plan has focused on toll keeping with no offering users any actual value addition. By eliminating the intermediaries, it’ll aid to make the system quicker, safe, and more cost-efficient for those involved.

✺✺✺The project token✺✺✺

Entry Token will be utilized as a part of Entry platform as fundamental cryptographic money which will bring the following benefits to the user:

The organization will offer sparing record to build Entry Tokens, avert theorizing. This will permit ENTRY holders acquire enthusiasm on their possessions.

Entry Token will propel advertise members to utilize Entry for exchanges and reserve funds when contrasted with hypothesis. This will enable the money to develop into its part as a store of significant worth when contrasted with the present hypothesis buildup in real Tokens.

Entry Token will permit streamlining the working of the whole Entry stage and will help keeping up liquidity in Entry stage.

As the use of Entry Token increments for business and exchanges, the Token will be accessible in an ever increasing number of spots. This will parallelly affect the market of the Entry Token. The Entry will likewise observe a long haul utilization because of the business development and system impact occurred.

You can utilize Entry Tokens to pay for any expenses on the platfomr, including however not restricted to: trade charges, pull back expenses, posting expenses, premium administrations or some other charge/benefit when you utilize ENTRY to pay for charges/administrations, you will get a huge markdown.

Entry will construct a completely useful ecosystem where Entry would be utilized as one of the key base resources and primary money in entire business.

Entry later on will dispatch ENTRY2 stable coin. This coin will guarantee of Entry ecosystem and clients development in all conceivable routes as less theoretical coin. More clients and business join Entry ecosystem, more holders for Entry token to get a noteworthy rebates for use.


To be the gateway among the paradigm and the usual and new financial platforms led by digital money and empower the financial system to have a system that allows interoperability among the two.

❤Some More Details about ENTRY.MONEY❤

ENTRY.MONEY is a fiat and crypto payment gateway for e-stores which can be accessed by simply through the web and smart devices. The system will offer IBAN to each user and create it possible for them to safe block-chain assets in their account. Firstly, the system will just support the EUR money. The main reason for this is that the goals of the system to target EU, which has a wide and untapped industry. Later, the creators will extend and incorporate every major fiat money in the future.

With ENTRY.MONEY, users will be capable to deposit, store, withdraw and move fiat and digital currencies. Traders will be capable to utilize the system for simple conversations, therefore, make sure the sale of their assets. The traders will then get the sales cost in the fiat they request negative the dealer charges.

Traders will be capable to deal beyond their national lines with no issues of money differentiation or fluctuation. Traders will be capable to deal in their fiat money of choice where consumers will be able to make a buying in crypto currencies. This system will make sure that traders are paid in EUR. The procedure of discussion and move is then going to offer liquidity to the ENTRY.EXCHANGE.

=====The benefits of the project=====

1. A simple and affordable exchange of Fiat to cryptocurrency and Vice versa;

2. Reliability and transparency of operations provided by the use of blockchain;

3. Possibility to integrate platform functionality into third-party resources;

4. “Transfer” of banking services to a more stable blockchain environment;

5. The presence of familiar tools to simplify entry into the crypto industry;

6. The complexity of services, which makes the platform universal in terms of functionality.

✤✤Token Details✤✤

Tokens Sale availability:

Presale: 3–10.May.2018

Start date: 1.Jun.2018

End date: 31.Aug.2018

Token: ENTRY

Price: 1 ENTRY = 0.15 EUR

Platform: ENTRY

Minimum investment 1 ENTRY

Soft cap: 25,000,000 ENTRY

Hard cap: 325,000,000 ENTRY

❂❂❂❂Token information:❂❂❂❂

• Token Symbol ENTRY

• Token Background based on ERC-20

• Token Type Utility

• Sales Date Token 17th April to17th July 2018 (Temporary)

• KYP / AML needed For all ICO contributors before or after


• United States Limited (Please check the rules of your Country before


• HARD CAP 325.000.000 ENTRY / 80.500.000 EUR

• SOFT CAP 25,000,000 ENTRY / 2.500.000 EUR

• License Money Institution Ready

• Status of the MVP Project Ready

• TEAM Ready

• Currency Received for ICO Fiat Currency: EUR, USD,

• Total ENTRY Coins 590,000,000 million

• Crypto currency Debit Card: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH

and many more


Live Timeline


Started development and obtained Money Institution License.


Signed agreement with Central bank to get SWIFT and IBAN numbers to


Developed payment gateway (credit/debit cards, bank links and others) to collect funds for online shops.


Started integrations with Central Bank system to provide peer-to-peer payments to all EU banks and started to build infrastructure for international payments.


Started crypto-exchange and beta version will be ready before ICO or during ICO.


Conducted meetings with card issuers for issuance of MasterCard or Visa cards to the ENTRY users and invested more than 1 million Euro for continuous development of the platform.

2018 (1st to 3rd Quarter)

Started developing Pre-ICO and ICO. During ICO we will launch payment gateways (ENTRY.MONEY) with bank accounts for personal use. We will launch crypto exchange (ENTRY.EXCHANGE).

2018 (4th Quarter)

Change money institution license (already obtained) to Electronic Money License or European Bank License. Starting to obtain financial licenses outside EU to operate worldwide.

2019 (1st-2nd Quarter)

Expand (ENTRY.MONEY) services adding business account worldwide and launch app.

2019 (3rd-4th Quarter)

Release (ENTRY.NETWORK) wallet to store, send, receive your crypto, participate in ICO through wallet. Blockchain (own or partners owned).

2019 (4th Quarter)

Start P2P Lending (ENTRY.BANK).

2020 (2st-3rd Quarter)

Launch ATM systems (ENTRY.CASH) and put cash machines for beta testing.

2020 (3rd-4th Quarter)

Start partnerships with agents to provide deposits and withdrawal services with cash.

2021 (continues)

Investment, loans and other banking and finance services worldwide.

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